Zoom Calls Should Be Fun

Tim Horan
1 min readDec 5, 2020


Oscar Venhuis from Hong Hong and Tim Horan from Australia talk about creativity and authenticity.

Why do we eagerly adopt new technology and then use it to replicate the most boring bits of business?

For example, our adoption of Zoom and Microsoft Teams simply moved banal and tedious meetings into the virtual space. Most video calls are stiff, formal, and provide as much conversational nourishment as stale bread.

Well, the madness stops here! Rather than complain, I decided to seek out an interesting and engaging conversationalist — Oscar Venhuis. We recorded two of our Zoom conversations, shared below.

Listen (and watch!) us talk about the mystery of creativity, procrastination, authenticity, and much more 👇🏼

Tim Horan and Oscar Venhuis (Part One)

Tim Horan and Oscar Venhuis (Part Two)

Show Notes

Arne Dietrich, the Professor of Psychology at the American University of Beirut (referenced by Oscar in Part One of our discussion)

Oscar Venhuis on LinkedIn

EQ Lab (one of Oscar’s many interesting pursuits)

My previous podcast episode about why it is difficult to hire creative people

My rules to create good content

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