Why It’s Hard for You to Hire Creative People

Tim Horan at a desk covered in colored pencils, crayons, and markers.

The hiring process for creative people is broken. That’s because creativity is viewed with suspicion by organizations today.

If a truly creative person slips through the HR department’s filters, it’s because they’ve had to hide their identity. Businesses need creative people but they’d prefer new hires to follow stale processes rather than bring new ideas.

Time for this madness to stop! My new podcast episode is for hiring managers who are prepared to get honest about recruiting talented people.

Download the episode here or listen directly below on Libsyn, Spotify, or YouTube.

Show Notes

My advice to people who want to be creative

My advice to people who must hire creative people

About the Author

Tim Horan is a writer and editor from Sydney, Australia. Start a conversation with him here, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.



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