Nostalgia Is Hard to Resist

Tim Horan and Phid McAwesome.

A sentimental longing for the past is seductive. The euphoria nostalgia brings is impossible to resist. Can something that feels so good be bad for you?

My friend, Phid McAwesome, and I discuss good and bad nostalgia in media, games and more…

Download the episode here or listen directly below on Libsyn or YouTube.

Podcast Notes

High Score, the Netflix docuseries on the history of classic video games

— Mark Schaefer’s article on nostalgia marketing

— The character from Street Fighter II that I refer to as a “green monster” is called Blanka. Apologies to fight game fans and sensitive monsters everywhere

Phid McAwesome on Twitter

Phid McAwesome on Twitch

The weekly show Phid co-hosts, Phid’s day (and night-time) gig

Phid’s food adventure Instagram account he runs with Charis, his partner

About the Author

Tim Horan is a writer and editor from Sydney, Australia. Start a conversation with him here, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. His website is



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