Live with Risk to Truly Live

Tim Horan
Oct 24, 2020


One of my October 2020 surprises — crutches.

The global ‘health crisis’ has infantilized us. We now accept without question the idea that risk can be excised from our lives like an unwelcome tumor by a skilled surgeon.

We are the child who wails in distress when the scoop of delicious ice-cream atop their cone falls into the dirt. We have regressed and no longer have the mental resilience to cope with unforeseen circumstances.

Masks and antiseptic handwash are our new rosary beads

Enforced restrictions on our movement, accompanied by the daily drumbeat of virus infections and case numbers have hypnotized us into believing a world without risk or mortality is possible.

Masks and antiseptic handwash are our new rosary beads. I would argue the latter are more effective at helping us navigate unforeseen circumstances because they are not accompanied by the belief the universe can be tamed through obedience to the unaccountable wishes of technocrats and public servants.

In my new podcast episode, I question our unrealistic belief that we can eliminate risk from our lives. No matter how careful we are, sometimes shit happens.

Download the episode here or listen directly below on Libsyn or YouTube.

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