It’s Not Too Late to Create Your Dream Life

Tim Horan
2 min readSep 18, 2020
Kayleigh Nicole Grant. Photo by Cam Grant.

At what point in our existence do we give up on creating a dream life for ourselves?

According to my recent podcast guest, Kayleigh Nicole Grant, it’s never too late to create your dream life. Your best life is something meaningful to you. Don’t fall into the trap of limiting your dreams to what other people think is acceptable.

Kayleigh Nicole Grant photographed in French Polynesia by Cam Grant.
Kayleigh Nicole Grant photographed in French Polynesia by Cam Grant.

Kayleigh’s dream life is centered around swimming in the ocean with sharks and other large marine creatures. People often misunderstand or judge her passion but her gentle persistence in the face of negativity is refreshing.

Kayleigh Nicole Grant swims with a great white shark off the coast of Hawaii. Photo by Cam Grant.
Kayleigh Nicole Grant, AKA Mermaid Kayleigh, swims with a large great white shark in the deep blue waters off Hawaii. Photograph by Cam Grant.

If you are frustrated with your life and career, do not lose heart — dream big like Kayleigh, get frothy and tune into our discussion.

Download the episode here or listen directly below on Libsyn or YouTube.

Show Notes

Kayleigh Nicole Grant (@mermaid_kayleigh) on Instagram

Kaimana Ocean Safari

Kaimana Ocean Safari (@kaimanaoceansafari) on Instagram

The great white shark encounter Kayleigh had with her friend Ocean Ramsey and their colleagues

— The book, What You Should Know About Sharks by Ocean Ramsey

Seafood Watch (if you live in the U.S.)

Sustainable Seafood Guide (if you live in Australia)

Kayleigh’s Husband and Accomplished Photographer:

Cam Grant (@camgrantphotography) on Instagram

Cam Grant Photography

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